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What to wear | {audreygracephoto} Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

Ok, you have booked your photoshoot, picked the perfect location and time. You have even checked the weather to make sure there are no snowstorms or heatwaves (only in Georgia). Now, you open your closet in the quest to pick out a few outfits to make sure you look your absolute best! …Panic!!

As every girl will tell you ” I have nothing to wear!!” Of course while they are standing in a room where the floor is completely covered in clothes. Believe me, I have been there. And sometimes the solution seems to be, just go to the store and get a new outfit (or 2) and that will do the trick. Before you decide to go on a shopping spree, take a second look and be amazed at the possibilities!

Before most photo-sessions I get the question “what should I wear?” So here are a few tips and pointers from (me), a photographers perspective.

What to wear:

1. Keep it classy

Nothing beats a solid white tee. Just think back 20 years or so and think of all of the styles that were currently in style then. Yep, that awesome denim shirt with rainbow suspenders….or t-dye dress. You get the idea. Just remember pictures last a long time and styles change so frequently. Just be cautious of the current trends. While it might look cool now….10 years later you might be embarrassed by your outfit choice.

2. Watch out for patterns.

Depending on your body type, be cautious of large patterns. In photographs you want the focus to be on you and not your shirt. If you decide to wear print, make sure it compliments you and doesn’t distract from your beautiful self.

3. Comfort

Have you ever heard of the saying comfort vs. style? Some people might tell you if it looks good, that’s all that matters. But you need to be comfortable! It could show in your facial expressions and your body language. “I can’t breathe in this dress!” I like to tell my clients  to wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks. Confidence is key! If you look like a million bucks, you may not feel like it and that could come across in your photographs.

4. Shirts with words

I really like to encourage people to not wear anything with words on it. Just like styles change, so does taste. From a photographers prospective, any type of writing on a shirt can be distracting. And sometimes difficult to remove in photoshop.  Just, fyi.

5. Family & Groups

This is the tricky one. I like to say, don’t over think it. I remember having family pictures done and everyone had to wear the same color shirt. We definitely had to make a shopping trip because that is nearly impossible in a big family. Its ok to break the rules!  Be creative!

With our family’s latest photo we decided to pick two colors (green and blue). And no trips to the store. Voila!

Just one tip, the lightest color will stand out  in a image. Your eyes are naturally drawn to the lightest part of an image. So if everyone is wearing red and you wear white…you will be the first person that is noticed in a group photo.

This can be a good thing. Everyone usually focuses on how beautiful the bride looks on her wedding day (sorry grooms). So with wedding photography, she naturally stands out in an image because she is wearing white. And that is a good thing.

I hope all of these tips were helpful! Don’t fret with picking out what to wear for your photo-session. The most important thing is to be confident. You can have the best outfit, but confidence is the most important part of your wardrobe. It really does show in your images. Be confident! Even if you are wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater; rock it!

All the best!

-Audrey Grace

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