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What You Need To Know About Wedding Albums | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Wedding albums are truly the icing on the cake! So if you are newly engaged or planning a wedding and you trying to decide on adding a wedding album -listen up! This post is just for you!

 I absolutely LOVE wedding albums and here are some of my reasons why:

  1. Your wedding album becomes your first family heirloom.

Ok, maybe that seems a little far-fetched into the future, but I truly believe that your wedding album increases in value over time. Just the other day I got a text message from my phone provider telling me that my iphone was due for an upgrade. What!? It was so disheartening because it was just the other day that I had the newest and greatest iphone. But even in just a short of amount of time, my phone is now almost worthless. Talk about depreciation! On the flipside, when you are looking at investing in a wedding album, I believe that your album will increase in value over time.  Can you imagine finding your great-grandmother‘s wedding album? Of course you would be so excited to find this and there’s probably no dollar amount that someone could give you for it. I like to think of wedding albums as a great way to preserve the memories from your wedding day, but also to pass it on to future generations to treasure. 

2. It makes your photos more accessible.

Back in the day there was this terrible thing called Myspace – *ahem* and with all of the effort and photos uploaded – do you even still have any of those pictures? Likely not. They are lost in cyberspace! Whenever you do you want to look at your wedding images, you might have to dig through some old thumbdrives or CD’s (remember those?) but I love to provide a way for my clients to have their photos easily accessible where they can just go grab their album and see their pictures. That is so much easier!  You invest so much time in to your wedding photography that I believe your wedding album ensures that you get the most out of it! Now the most important day of your life is right at your fingertips where you can easily enjoy them! (not lost somewhere on a broken laptop) Online galleries are amazing – but I use them to send photos, not save them online forever. And don’t let the passing of time discourage you – it is never too late to print your photos!


3. A wedding album offers professional quality and design for your photos!

Now I am all about DIY for most things but this is where I probably will draw the line. As a professional photographer, I have access to an amazing lab that is only open for professionals to use – you actually have to send them an application in order to print with them! (no snapfish here) So this insures that your album is going to be printed on high-quality paper with professional binding and quality leather/linen cover options. Which means this is going to last you forever! In fact my photo lab that I use uses a special type of paper that does not deteriorate and they guarantee that it will last 100+ years -amazing!! 

4. Your wedding album is a reminder of your relationship!

I say this so many times, but I’ll say it again & again. Even though I love photography, I believe that a wedding is about more than your photos. Now some people might disagree with me and say that photography is most important but, I truly believe that your relationship and your marriage is most important! So, if there’s anything as a photographer that I can do to help my couples along their relationship journey , i’m gonna do it! For every wedding album that I design, I truly hope that it can serve a purpose later down the road in my couples lives. May it serve as a remember of their relationship and story. And how amazing it can be to show your future children the value of your commitment through pictures. LOVE!

Wedding albums are the one thing that I hope each and every couples chooses! If you are interested in putting together your album or have a question – shoot me a message here. I’d love to chat! -Audrey

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