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2019 Year In Review | Behind The Scenes of an Atlanta Wedding Photographer

This is one of my favorite blog post of all time! Behind the scenes of 2019! At the beginning of this year, I started using Laura Casey’s “Power Sheets” which, if you are not familiar – this is basically a goal planner for the year. You guys know how I LOVE making goals. Looking back at the beginning of last year and what I wrote down is AMAZING! The thing that kept coming up for me as I journaled my goals at the beginning of the year was “joyful memories & confident decisions”. Which is really cool to see since we made a HUGE decision in buying out first house this summer. Let me tell you- buying a house is like learning a new subject in school that they never told you about. What is this whole process?? But we did it! Now any tv show about home remodeling or home buying is even more intriguing because you feel like you are an expert home buyer at the end of it. “I think this house has more re-sale value and an open floor plan, so they should buy this one” lol I also became an expert on choosing paint colors. Who knew I would learn all of this in a year? All while running a photography business and being a wife. You can do more than you think!

I also knew that this year was going to be a year of growth and boldness! As a business owner, I decided to take on less clients this year – (saying no is the WORST) but I feel like it has been an incredible decision. You can’t serve people the best with an empty cup. It just doesn’t work. Not only did I get more of my time back….but my business was able to be more profitable! Double win! I also joined a mastermind group with a few other small business owners and a business coach – we learned so much about mindset the power of your thoughts. I will take this knowledge with me for many years to come! With the mastermind group, I also traveled to Wisconsin BY MYSELF! Talk about feeling powerful (from a girl who never traveled anywhere by plane by herself) I highly recommend it.

I had the great privilege of photographing some incredible couples this year. Each and every wedding was so unique and amazing! Thank you to my amazing second shooters for snagging these fun/funny behind the scenes photos from this last year. Alright….here we go!

2019 Behind The Scenes!

Wedding details are one of my favorite things to photograph at a wedding! You will see a lot of behind the scenes of me photographing details!

Haha, thanks Molly – one of my second shooters! She is so fun!

I promise I know what I’m doing with my flash! lol We usually test our settings before the wedding party is announced – which always results in hilarious photos!

My couples this year really did win with their wedding food! Loved it!!

Photographing details – as usual!


Making a game plan with the videographer!

The faces I make while setting up my flashes! Haha!

I always strive to make your wedding day as stress free as possible. Think of me as an extra bridesmaid with a camera!

2020…I’m ready for ya! Happy New Year everyone!

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