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Meet Sara | Guest Blog Post {audreygracephoto} Marietta Wedding Photographer

I am so excited to have Mrs. Sara Stewart as my guest blogger for this post! Sara and I went to photography school together and it has been so cool to have her shoot with me at weddings. Since photography school, we have both learned a lot of things that photography school just doesn’t teach you! 

We got together and took a few headshots for each other in the Marietta square.  Sometimes it is so hard to get a good picture of yourself as a photographer. We also put together a little Q & A “interview” for ya’ll!


What are a few things you have learned about weddings, that you didn’t expect you’d learn?

Sara: I’ve learned that most ceremonies start a little later than planned, I’ve learned how to bustle a lot of dresses, bouquets are usually really heavy, and I’ve learned how to do the Dougie. 

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

Sara: My favorite part of any wedding is the time I get to spend with just the bride and groom to capture their portraits. I love being able to see the love that they have for each other reflected in the images that I capture. 


What should couples look for in a wedding photographer?

Sara: I think having someone that you click (pun intended haha) with as your photographer makes a huge difference. Someone that can make you laugh and feel comfortable in from of the camera. My suggestion to all the bride to be’s out there would be to meet with potential wedding photographers first before you make your choice . That way they can get a feel of how they interact with people and put them at ease.  


Does the cake actually taste as good as it looks?

Sara: I’m actually not much of a cake person, well not really an icing person. The cakes does usually smell delicious though. 

What do you think is the most important picture at a wedding and why?

Sara: The most important picture is the one that makes the bride and groom fall in love all over again when they look at it. The picture that in ten years will still show them the emotions that they felt for each other on the day that they committed to each other forever. When I can create that image for a couple I know I have succeeded as their wedding photographer. 


What inspires you as an artist?

Sara: People’s stories inspire me. I love telling stories with my camera. Light and shadows inspire me as well as cool patterns. My favorite images tend to be ones with interesting texture or patterns.

What do you think makes a wedding unique?

Sara: A wedding is unique when it’s personal to the couple. When they have added elements of who they are into their special day it makes their wedding something unforgettable. 



Loved being able to take pictures of Sara! Whenever we get together we do a lot of “shop talk”; everything from shoes to camera settings. We are always encouraging each other and coming up with new ideas. You might see her at the next wedding I’m shooting! She makes a great sidekick!

If you know anyone engaged or would like some more information about wedding photography; contact me here. Would love to hear from you!

– Audrey Grace

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