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Justin & Heather | Wedding at The Conservatory at Waterstone {audreygracephoto} Acworth Ga Wedding Photographer

I have been so excited to post this wedding I could hardly stand it! Justin and Heather are such a fun couple and I just loved getting to photograph their wedding. As a photographer you get to see some “behind the scenes” moments that happen with weddings. The fun moments that make a couple unique; the cute details on the bride’s shoes, the groomsmen playing with hot-wheels before the ceremony or the sweet notes left on their “wishing tree”. I love seeing these little things that make love so sweet! vanstory-359 vanstory-373vanstory-352vanstory-23vanstory-24vanstory-29vanstory-36vanstory-43vanstory-45 vanstory-51vanstory-61Let me just pause and say, Heather has the sweetest heart. The whole day she was so lovely and it definitely shows with her photos. Just beautiful!vanstory-66vanstory-55vanstory-56vanstory-7vanstory-95vanstory-93vanstory-94How fun is this!vanstory-157


Justin’s wedding gift from Heather was this guitar. He loved it! vanstory-141vanstory-123vanstory-120vanstory-119vanstory-118vanstory-109vanstory-180vanstory-182vanstory-183vanstory-185vanstory-193vanstory-203vanstory-204vanstory-207vanstory-224vanstory-235vanstory-240vanstory-242vanstory-244vanstory-247vanstory-265vanstory-268vanstory-272Doesn’t this remind you of “Abbey Road” with the Beatles.vanstory-276vanstory-277vanstory-286vanstory-294vanstory-300vanstory-295vanstory-282vanstory-342vanstory-350vanstory-332vanstory-366vanstory-395vanstory-403vanstory-404vanstory-412vanstory-415vanstory-414I absolutely love this ring shot Katie got! So sparkly! vanstory-33vanstory-405vanstory-406vanstory-422vanstory-577vanstory-490vanstory-491vanstory-492vanstory-545vanstory-561vanstory-569vanstory-601vanstory-616vanstory-607vanstory-610vanstory-613vanstory-615Congratulations to Justin and Heather! What a fantastic wedding to end the 2014 wedding year with. Special thanks to my awesome sidekick, Katie! Rockin the Nikon D610 cameras together! 

I can’t wait to photograph more weddings next year. It’s going to be fantastic! Speaking of next year….keep an eye out for my 2014 recap blog post. It is going to be a whirlwind of pictures and memories from 2014!

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