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Michael & Bailey | 3.14 Pi(e) Day Wedding {audreygracephoto} Acworth Georgia Wedding Photographer

Michael & Bailey are now married! We had so much fun on their pi(e) day wedding celebration.

And you better believe that there was some delicious pie! Take a look at their sweet day.Hallock-19 Hallock-43 DSC_3509 Hallock-135 Hallock-137 Hallock-151DSC_3527 Hallock-163Hallock-170 Hallock-174Hallock-73Hallock-75My assistant Katie did an awesome job with the guys photos! They rocked it.Hallock-107Hallock-80Hallock-85Hallock-93Hallock-100Hallock-125Hallock-119Hallock-116Hallock-129Michael and Bailey did not see each other before their ceremony, so we took a creative picture of them together. I promise, they did not see each other! This wall was perfect for their picture.Hallock-387DSC_3617Hallock-220Hallock-222Hallock-227Hallock-226Hallock-230Hallock-243Hallock-256Pastor Steve does a really great job for the ceremony. For part of it, he stands facing the couple so that everyone can see them. Such a great idea! Hallock-268Hallock-283Hallock-289Hallock-305Hallock-357Hallock-372Hallock-399Hallock-405Hallock-409Hallock-410This road was a great spot for pictures! The pine trees made for a nice background. 
Hallock-414Hallock-417Hallock-419Hallock-422Hallock-424Hallock-425Hallock-444DSC_4335Hallock-457In highschool, Michael and Bailey became masters of the rubix cube! Right after they were introduced as Mr. & Mrs. as they were walking to their seats Michael said, “Should we solve them before we sit down?” Therefore, the rubix cube challenge began. It was so perfect for them!Hallock-491Hallock-497Michael won!Hallock-502DSC_4429Hallock-509Hallock-449Hallock-551Hallock-564Hallock-590Hallock-594Hallock-599Hallock-604Hallock-644Hallock-649Hallock-650Hallock-651Hallock-654Hallock-655Hallock-657Hallock-666Hallock-668Swing dance before they left! They were bringing out all the moves!
Hallock-678Hallock-681Hallock-696Hallock-698Hallock-707Hallock-709Hallock-720Hallock-723Hallock-724Hallock-750Hallock-754Off they go! Onto their new adventure of marriage! It was such a joy to be apart of their day; pie and all! Michael and Bailey have such kind hearts and such a sweet demeanor about them. I know that throughout their marriage they will bless and encourage many people. Congratulations Michael and Bailey! – Audrey Grace

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