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Looking back on 2016 {audreygracephoto} Atlanta Wedding Photographer

A lot of people are saying that 2016 was a downer year (sorry to you guys), but for me, 2016 was the most eventful and joyful year! I had no idea what was in store and man….it was amazing! As I began pulling some of my favorite photos from this year, I began to realize how much I accomplished and how much happened.

One of my main goals was to nail off-camera flash! I absolutely love natural light, but as a photographer I wanted to really strengthen my flash skills this year. Which was a blast trying out and learning! 

This year also brought a lot a really cool backgrounds and locations! Who knew that all of these places were in Georgia?! There seemed to be a theme with libraries; which I love!

This year I delivered a total of 5,454 final images to clients. Woah!

Photographed 5 weddings and 30 portrait sessions. 

One of my goals this year was quality over quantity. I wanted to better serve my clients and give them the best photography experience rather than shoot a ton of sessions and give them an “ok” experience”. I took the leap and tried out new ideas (some worked and some were an epic fail.) But the things I did try that worked, I never would have done without faith. Faith that tells you, “My power is made perfect in weakness”. 

Here are some of my absolute favorite images from this year! Along with some personal images too…cause really, a lot of new and epic things happened. 












November was…….busy, fun, exciting, coffee fueled, and new! I packed my things and moved to Sandy Springs. Took so many family pictures. Stopped working my part-time job at the hospital (hallelujah!). And took on my photography business full time! So exciting!!

Of all the new changes, late night editing sessions, and diy wedding craft projects, nothing compared to the joy I felt on November 26th. That is the day I married my best friend. Love our wedding photos from my friend Jessica. Makes me even more thankful for what I do! To look back on these moments and remember each detail as if it just happened; priceless! 

We went on our first cruise to Grand Cayman Island and Cozumel. Amazing! Our favorite part was all of the amazing food & having no internet or cell service. Unplugging for a week really was the best ever! Spending quality time together and no phones; my kinda vacation/honeymoon. We also went snorkeling diving….and look like a bunch of cute snorkel dorks, lol. SO much fun!


The final month of the year! Despite the cold and bi-polar Georgia weather, I still had a few photoshoots that were so much fun! Derek and I spent our first Christmas together and we are so thankful these last 2 weeks of winter break. I’ve been cooking so many new recipes and enjoying new audio books. I also launched my new website!! Which was the biggest project and goal of mine for the year! So happy with it!

I am so excited for the new year! I’ve already felt that God wants me to rest in his grace with this next year. They say “you are your worst critic” which is so true. So this next year I want to just be completely content with the place I am and know that I am good right where i’m at. I don’t need to strive so hard to become better or busier. God will get me to the place he wants me to be. And that is an exciting feeling!

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10

My new goals for the new year would be… 

  • Travel to new places (would love to book a destination wedding!)
  • Book 10 weddings (at least)
  • Read more books

Hope you and your family have a joy filled new year! May the year 2017 bring you peace and new adventures! Would love for you guys to be apart of my 2017! Contact me here and we can plan something creative together. It’s going to be amazing!

Happy new year!

– Audrey Grace