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Lucas & Brooke | Georgia Tech Engagement Session {audreygracephoto}

If you guys know me, I love a good story! Especially if it at all involves love! So when I heard Lucas and Brooke’s story about how their relationship unfolded; I was in heaven! (I’ll share some of the details with the photos they go with) Cause good stories have to have pictures! 

Long story short, Lucas & Brooke met at their school, Georgia Tech. Which was the most perfect setting for their engagement session! And we managed to snag these in the little window of “no pollen in Georgia springtime.” Which is almost unheard of, since everything now has a yellow tint to it. 

With Lucas being so chill and Brooke being so joyful; they were such a breeze to photograph together. Loved my time with them and getting to take their engagements pictures at Georgia Tech. Check it out!

One of the funniest things during their session, was that wherever we went…..the same security guard was around. 3rd floor….he was there. Rooftop…he was there. Main level….there again. I was beginning to think that he might want to join our photoshoot!

A little movie trivia….this building here, Clough Commons, was a location used to film the movie “The Internship”. Lucas and Brooke were telling me how the whole building was covered in Google logos and movie props. How fun is that? Now I want to go watch the movie for sure!

Ok, as I promised….here is a little bit of Lucas & Brooke’s dating story! Early in their dating relationship, Brooke saw these shirts that say “Swole Mates” and made a joke about how they should buy these one day when they get engaged and have an engagement session and wear these shirts in their pictures. Totally joking and not even sure how things would unfold….years later, they got engaged! Brooke thought it would be hilarious to find these shirts for their pictures. Their story has come full circle. This is also the gym where Lucas first asked Brooke out. True swole mates! Haha!

I am so excited for Lucas & Brooke as they begin to plan their new adventure together! Marriage is so much fun and I am so thrilled for them! I can already tell that their wedding will be such a great time; can’t wait!

For more info on engagement sessions, contact me here. I’d love to hear your ideas!

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