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Europe Travels | Pt.4 Zermatt, Switzerland

Switzerland was easily our favorite place in Europe we visited this summer. As we took a train in from Italy, we couldn’t stop saying “WOW!” This was such a jaw-dropping, beautiful place. Zermatt is a village in the valley of the mountains and it was gorgeous! If you have ever been to Helen, Georgia…this was like a real life version of that. Incredible! No cars are allowed (except for emergency vehicles), so we were picked up by our hotel in an electric car. So cute! A step-up from a golf cart. So fun! 

This was where we stayed, right up on the mountainside (Hotel Bella Vista) They were so kind and upgraded our room for free to a Matterhorn facing room. Even though it was clowdy, you could still get a little glimps of the mountain.

Of course we had fondu! A town where cheese & chocolate are the culinary specialties – I could live here a happy girl!  

A traditional Swiss breakfast included local yogurt, cheese, homemade bread with elderberry jam and of course coffee. We felt so spoiled!

Without any agenda for the day, we decided to go on a “quick hike” as the hotel suggested a quick and easy trail for us to explore. “Only about 20 minutes and there’s a restaurant towards the end” Perfect! Let’s do this! We explored the town then set out for our adventure.

Let the hiking begin! *warning- I went picture crazy with the wildflowers. Especially the purple ones* 

30 minutes in and we were really not sure if we were on the right path. I don’t know if it was the mountain air or the past few days of travel catching up to us, but we were exhausted! So we kept going. It was beautiful!!

1 hour in – we asked a few passerby’s if the small village was close or on this path. “Oh, only about 30 minutes at a slow pace” they said. Oh easy! Let’s do this! We are practically there. (Guys, btw – we were being passed by some senior citizens who were in killer shape…I blame the thin air) haha!

Another 30 minutes and no signs of any civilization. Our stomachs were growling and our water-bottle was getting empty. We asked another hiker and got a similar answer “Oh, about 25 minutes”. Ya’ll, I know the swiss make watches….but now I wonder why. 30 minutes does not mean 30 minutes. Slow pace or not, haha! Thankfully we found this water fountain/spring? and were so happy! About 15 minutes later we found the village! 

We ate at this little restaurant and felt like were right on the set of the movie “Heidi”. It was wonderful! The best meal of our lives!! The entire menu was in Swiss German, so we had the waitress help us order. Everything was delicious and impressive that they can cook these meals in such a remote area. 

On the road again! The hike back was a lot easier since it was mostly downhill. My sweet husband was so kind as I probably stopped a million times to take photos of the flowers. I was in heaven!

We met this sweet couple, Mike & Sue, from Wisconsin who asked if we could take their picture for them. They were so excited when I told them I was a professional photographer….and of course I took their picture. It made my day! 

By this time in our trip, I had some killer shin splints and we were flat out exhausted! Our hotel had a spa area….and we took advantage of it. So amazing! And with a view like this, we had such a hard time leaving Zermatt. 

Even with our hike that turned into 2 hours one way….we loved each minute we spent in Zermatt. The locals were extremely friendly and warm. Everything was so clean and energy efficient. The food – I mean, how can you go wrong with cheese. Everywhere you looked was just like a painting. We would definitely love to come back here one day! Maybe even retire here 😉 We love you Zermatt! 

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