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Preston & Christina | Fernbank Engagement Session, Atlanta Wedding Photographer

It means so much to me to be able to photograph my friends when they get engaged! Once you experience true love….you just want all of your friends to have it too! I will never forget how much Christina has been a blessing and encourager to me throughout all seasons of my life. So I am so glad that I can finally bless her back!! Kinda like….tag, you’re it!

Ya’ll don’t even know, but this relationship is one for the books! Christina and Preston have known each other for years and it is such a crazy story about how they started dating. Long story short….January 1st, 2018 at 8:00am they had their first “official” date! So it was only fitting to start their engagement session with coffee at East Pole Coffee. 

And if you know Preston & Christina…you know they LOVE Jurassic Park. The Fernbank Dinosaurs were the perfect backdrop & location for them. And from a photographers prospective, this location had the most beautiful natural light and architecture! So combine that with a couple in love….pure bliss! 

Congratulations Preston & Christina! Maybe you cherish this season of your lives and love each other like it’s always January 1st in the morning! 😉 – Audrey 

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