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Colin & Ashley | Sope Creek Engagement Session | Marietta Georgia Wedding Photographer

Sope Creek Engagement Session, Marietta Georgia

Ashley & Colin

Ashley and Collin are getting married next fall at the Cotton Mill in Jefferson Georgia. These two have the cutest story about how they met ; it really could be a Hallmark movie. Long story short -they met through the girl that does Ashley nails and Collin’s mom‘s nails. Somehow the story got out and before you know it they were on a blind date. In all my years of being a photographer, this is the first I’ve ever heard a story like this! Amazing! Kinda reminds me of the movie Legally Blonde, when Elle Woods meets her manicurist best friend who teaches her the infamous “bend and snap”. Of course I’m sure that their story was a little bit different compared to Legally Blonde, but still had a good ending!

When Ashleigh mentioned the idea about going to Sope Creek, I was really excited because I have never been there! Sope Creek Trail has an old mill ruins alongside the river. Which is a very popular location to photograph. So unknown to us we started our journey on the trail and we completely missed the correct entrance. We just took the more scenic route and got our steps in! Thankfully Ashleigh and Collin are such a chill couple and were in good spirits. I really do get to know a couple’s personalities when you go on a hike with them! Maybe I should make that a part of my contact form on my website “ how do you feel about hiking?” Haha! But overall it was an amazing time getting to know both Ashleigh and Collin and taking photos for them at the beautiful Sope Creek ruins! Worth every step. 

Congratulations Ashleigh and Collin I am so excited to be a part of your wedding day next year. I’m confident that we won’t have to hike on your wedding day, but if we do end up on some sort of mystery hike together I know we will have a great time!

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