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Wedding Tips – Sunrise Sessions

I’ve realized that over the years, there are several things that you learn from experience vs in college. Isn’t that the case with most college degrees? These tips are things that I believe make a huge impact on your wedding day or photoshoot. So i’m happy to share this little bit of knowledge with you guys – so you can have the best session possible! Knowledge is power, right?!

When picking a time for you session, I always recommend either the morning or evening. NEVER mid-day. While the evening and sunset are the most popular times to take photos, there are some hidden secrets to choosing morning session. Here are my top 3 reasons for loving sunrise sessions!

#1 – Beautiful Light

In the morning, as the sun is rising, it gives the same effect as a sunset. The sun is in a very similar location in the sky, creating a glowy warm sunset look. The only reason that sunsets tend to be warmer in color, is the air pollution is higher in the evening. Isn’t that crazy! The image above was in the morning at sunrise – but it really does look like the sunset. Incredible, right?!

If you love the look of sunset, don’t be opposed to a sunrise session. The sun is just as beautiful. In fact, I feel like it is a bit softer and romantic compared to the evening light.

#2 – Less Crowded

If you are thinking about having your session at popular location (think Piedmont Park) the best secret to having a sunrise session is that there will be less people around. In the morning, less people are inclined to go hang out at a park at 7 in the morning. Compared to later in the evening when people get off work, they are more inclined to go for a walk or visit a park with their family.

Having less people around helps so much with photos, because there will be less people in the background of your images. Photoshopping people out of your photos is tedious and just not my favorite. AND if you don’t like having people watch you – there will be less people stopping to watch you have your photos taken. (real life) Especially if you are wearing a wedding dress – people will definitely stop and watch you. Which is weird in itself but sometimes that happens at popular photo spots. So by going early in the morning, you will most likely be in a less crowded area.

#3 – Cooler Temperatures

If you are in the Atlanta area you *know* how hot it can get outside! This August I have been photographing a handful of sunrise session and it is significantly cooler in the morning. Just as an example – tomorrow morning it is forecasted to be 70* at 7am while in the evening at 7pm it will be 81* That 10 degrees makes a huge difference! Especially if you tend to not love the warmer weather. Cooler temperatures in the morning are going to be your friend!

There you have it! If you have been on the fence about a sunrise session, I hope this gave you the best inside info on the benefits of planning a morning session. I know the morning can be a hard time to feel lively and awake for having your pictures taken, but coffee is always welcome! Most sunrise sessions are finished around 9am, so you have the rest of your day free! You can plan a fun breakfast date afterwards or head to work if you need to. It really is a great time of day for pictures!

Interested in a morning session? Feel free to message me here. Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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