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Summer Inspiration | A Photographers Findings {audreygracephoto}


A Georgia summer can be pretty smokin hot! Lately though, there has been a ridiculous amount of rain. And luckily I have only had a few weddings this summer season. And it has not rained on those days! With the few days off, it has been really great to just re-group and reflect on this year.

DSC_8212Starting with taking more pictures….just because. My brother Elijah and I went outside (finally the sun came out!) and we took a few pictures. Which I really need to get more in the habit of doing.  BTW, my brother took this picture of me. Not bad!




DSC_8367Sometimes artsy people can really draw inspiration from other mediums of art. Like painting and drawing. This is a painting from my dear friend Daria Russell. Every time we hang out, I get inspired by her. Check out how talented she is!


Another source of inspiration lately. Books! Here is my current reading list:

DSC_2056Yes, two of those books are from the library. Which I can’t find my library card! Ahh. Good thing libraries don’t have late fees like blockbuster did. ( even though I am pretty sure I owe them $8). How does that happen?

Another favorite source of inspiration; music! Specifically Josh Garrels and Bethel Music.


Everytime my sister rides in my car, she says I am always listening to these bands. I can’t help it, they are just so good!


I hope your summer is bringing you some inspiration! As a wedding photographer I am always inspired by random things, so I just thought I’d share a few. I am also excited for tomorrows photoshoot with my friends Jill and Kayleigh. I’ll be sharing a few of those pictures soon, so be on the lookout!

– Audrey Grace


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