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Jill & Kayleigh | New Adventures {audreygracephoto}

Adventure is out there! And who doesn’t love new adventures?

Jill and Kayleigh are some amazing friends of mine who are now starting some new adventures themselves! One being…Mary Kay!

I know what you’re thinking….Mary Kay. Isn’t that kinda older….but not any more! Mary Kay has some really fresh and pretty things. (I’ll mention more at the end of this post). I know Jill has a great eye for makeup and colors, so I know that she is going to do amazing things with this new opportunity.

They are also in the planning stages of starting their very own graphic & web design company called East to West. If you haven’t seen my website, you need to go check it out. Jill did such a great job designing it. So I am thrilled to hear that they are starting their own design company! And shout out to Jill who just finished her design degree, woot woot!

With all of that being said, we set out to get some headshots for Jill and Kayleigh’s new business adventures. I really wanted to create something fresh, natural and modern for them. Nothing fake and cakey. Really wanted to let their inner beauty shine. So this is what we got:

24 15



Here are a few Mary Kay products that they are wearing (pictured above). Jill also gave me these to test out.

1. Nurishine Plus Lip Gloss in Beach Bronze.

  Jill gave me this in Fancy Nancy which is actually pictured above. And I love it! I put it on before I went to work yesterday and it lasted the whole time I was there (a few hours!) And it wasn’t gritty with glitter or sticky icky.

2. Cream Eye Color in Beach Blonde.

This stuff is great! Last seriously all day! And you can use it as a primer.

3. Mineral Bronzing Powder in Desert Sun.

Ok, bronzers can sometimes look crazy on my super fair skin. But this one really gave me a beach glow without the umpa-lumpa fake tan look. And I think it looked great on Jill in her pictures. Sun-kissed but not fake-baked. Right on!

So I am no makeup expert, but I really enjoyed the Mary Kay products Jill gave me. She picked out perfect colors for me (awesome!). So I would totally recommend you talk with her about her new Mary Kay adventure. Go ahead and “like” her on Facebook. Love their mission statement:

God First

Family Second

Career Third

Jill and Kayleigh have such sweet hearts and I am so excited to see them grow into what God has for them. May all of their business adventures grow and succeed! Psalm 90:17

– Audrey Grace




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