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Bill & Tanisha

I had the pleasure of taking some fun detail pictures of this anniversary bbq. Extraordinaire-Affairs & Events did a wonderful job putting this tropical celebration together. I just had to post a few pictures of the tropical decor. I felt like I was on a vacation while I was there. Bill and Tanisha were so sweet together. Happy 10 years! 2013-09-09_00132013-09-09_00112013-09-09_0001 2013-09-09_0002

I think it was so cool that the floral arrangements had peaches in them! Sweet!


2013-09-09_0003This guy was so much fun! Steel drums! It was really cool to listen to. So tropical! If you are on Instagram, check out this short video clip I made.2013-09-09_0012

2013-09-09_00042013-09-10_0003 2013-09-09_00052013-09-09_00072013-09-10_0002

2013-09-10_00042013-09-09_0009 2013-09-09_00102013-09-10_0001

I would totally love to shoot some anniversary pictures sometime. I meet a lot of people that say “Oh I wish I knew you before I got married”. But I think it’s always a good time for some cute couple pictures. I’ve seen some creative ideas online recently and think it’s so sweet! So if anyone is interested in getting some new pictures together, I am all for it!

– Audrey Grace

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