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Michael & Crystal | Conservatory at Waterstone Wedding {audreygracephoto}

When I first met with Michael and Crystal, I just knew that their wedding was going to be cool. They are both so down-to-earth. Despite the rainy forecast, this wedding was so joyful! Nothing was going to dampen the mood. Michael and Crystal were getting married and that was enough to celebrate! Their wedding was at the Conservatory at Waterstone. Beautiful beautiful! And thanks to Mrs.SaraStewart for being my sidekick for the day.2013-10-07_00172013-10-07_00182013-10-03_0001

I just love seeing brides wear Toms! They are one of my favorite things. Even mentioned here.


This dress was perfect for twirling! This was a blast to photograph. We were all cracking up! So much fun!2013-10-03_00062013-10-07_0033


Crystal’s dress was so dreamy! She really did look like a princess.


Love this shot of the guys that my second shooter Sara got. Thanks Sara!2013-10-03_00092013-10-03_00112013-10-07_00012013-10-07_00022013-10-07_00032013-10-07_0004

Love this!!2013-10-07_00052013-10-07_00062013-10-07_00072013-10-07_00082013-10-07_00092013-10-07_00102013-10-07_0011

Michael and Crystal have such a sweet little family. Their daughter Harper was the cutest!

2013-10-07_0030 2013-10-07_00312013-10-07_00122013-10-07_00132013-10-07_00142013-10-07_00162013-10-07_00152013-10-07_00322013-10-07_00232013-10-07_0020DSC_47002013-10-07_00192013-10-07_0025 2013-10-07_00242013-10-07_00212013-10-07_00222013-10-07_0028 2013-10-07_0029Congratulations to such a sweet couple! So many great moments and memories! And did I mention that it didn’t rain one drop during their wedding?Sometimes the rain holds out at just the right time.

– Audrey Grace

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