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PJ & Sophey| Chattahoochee Nature Center Wedding {audreygracephoto}

This past May I had the pleasure of meeting Pj & Sophey and their cute dog, Oliver. Let me just say; they are so cool! I knew instantly that their wedding was going to be so much fun. Sophey is very artistic and she had a ton of great ideas for her wedding. It was amazing to see all of her ideas put together at their wedding. I loved being able to capture such a happy day for them. They had so many friends and family travel from all over the world to be there. A celebration for two great people! Thanks to Mrs.SaraStewart for second shooting with me; you rock! Take a look at this whimsical wedding.2013-10-21_0004

Sophey made this moss jewelry box to hold all of her wedding jewelry. It was magical! Sophey also gave these pretty pearl necklaces and bracelets to all of her bridesmaids. Such a thoughtful gift! 2013-10-21_0005 2013-10-21_0006 2013-10-21_0007

Aren’t these cuff links super cool! Sophey made them for PJ. So sweet!
2013-10-21_0008 2013-10-21_0009

All of the groomsmen had matching watches. They were pretty amazing! You could see right through the watch face. 2013-10-21_0010 2013-10-21_0011 2013-10-21_0012 2013-10-21_0013 2013-10-21_0014 2013-10-21_0015 2013-10-21_0016DSC_7581 2013-10-21_0017 2013-10-21_0018 2013-10-21_0019 2013-10-21_0020 2013-10-21_0021 2013-10-21_0022 2013-10-21_00232013-10-21_0025 2013-10-21_0026 2013-10-21_00272013-10-21_0030

Ok, so this is just plain cool. They got their very own paver for the nature center. How sweet is this?2013-10-21_0028 2013-10-21_00292013-10-21_0034 2013-10-21_0035 2013-10-21_00362013-10-21_00382013-10-21_0040 2013-10-21_0041 2013-10-21_0042 2013-10-21_0043 2013-10-21_0044 2013-10-21_0045 2013-10-21_0046 2013-10-21_0047 2013-10-21_0048 2013-10-21_0049 2013-10-21_0050 2013-10-21_0051 2013-10-21_0052 2013-10-21_00532013-10-21_00312013-10-21_00322013-10-21_0033

The Chattahoochee Nature Center was such a unique wedding location. Beautiful!
2013-10-21_00542013-10-21_0058 2013-10-21_0055 2013-10-21_0056 2013-10-21_00572013-10-21_0059 2013-10-21_0060 2013-10-21_0061 2013-10-21_0062 2013-10-21_0063 2013-10-21_0064 2013-10-21_0065 2013-10-21_0066 2013-10-21_0067 2013-10-21_0068 2013-10-21_0069 2013-10-21_0070Congratulations PJ and Sophey! Ya’ll are perfect for each other. Such a beautiful wedding for such an amazing couple.

– Audrey Grace

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