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How-to not be awkward in photos {audreygracephoto} Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Ya’ll wouldn’t believe me if I told you that…..every single couple I photograph says this to me;

“We are so terrible at taking photos! We are always awkward and we are not a very “pda” type of couple. We are probably the worst subjects to photograph” 

Everyone seriously says this! I’ve never ever had someone say “I am such a great model and we express our love so naturally in front of the camera”. Hahaha. No-one says that.

But if I could guess…..you just want a photo where your relationship comes across as natural and genuine. Not fake and posed! Am I right??

This is where my photography knowledge kicks in! You have everything you need to not look awkward! I promise. You can do it. If you love each other and you can breathe, you have everything you need!

My favorite thing about engagement sessions is that is preps you for your wedding day. This is your chance to get rid of your “camera jitters” and actually have fun! So by the time it is your wedding day, you feel confident and comfortable for your wedding pictures. 

So how do you do that?? Here are a few tips to help you not be awkward. Cause who wants that?

1. Trust your photographer! 

I’ve been studying photography for years and within that time I have experienced a lot of trial & error. Thankfully i’ve learned what works and doesn’t work….and i’m sticking with what does work!

 I am constantly studying posing and learning about composition with my subjects. I have a few tricks I use with couples to engage them in natural poses and smiles. It really works! 

2. Stay away from Pinterest! 

Whatever you do, stay away from Google and Pinterest! Now, I love Pinterest (it is a magical wonderland of pretty things), but it is a huge downfall for photography and creativity! There is a lot of confusing information about posing on the internet. And none of it applies to the millions of body types; everyone is unique! It’s so easy to see beautiful photos online and want to replicate them. When you are so focused on trying to copy that very same pose exactly…..guess what happens. You get awkward! Your mind is so focused on trying to look a certain way that you can’t relax and things start to go downhill. If you go to your session with zero expectations, I promise you will have such a better experience than trying to copy another photo. Comparison really is the thief of joy! Haha, here is what came up when I googled “How to pose naturally”. Oh my!

3. Have fun!

If you only have one goal for your photography session; it should be to have fun! If your only expectations are to have a great time and be joyful…..you will absolutely achieve that! And let me tell you…..it will show in your photos! Treat your photography session like a date night. Go grab dinner after or coffee at your favorite shop. You will only have as much fun as your mind will let you. 

Hope these tips help you rid your fears of being awkward in photos. Nobody has time for that!

If you have any questions about engagement sessions or “how to not be awkward” in photos, I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or contact me here.

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