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Jonathan & Tiffany | Wedding At Toccoa Falls, North Georgia Wedding Photographer

Jonathan and Tiffany had an unforgettable wedding ceremony at Toccoa Falls waterfall, located in the heart of the North Georgia Mountains. If you are ever in the area, you have to stop by and check it out. The waterfall is beautiful and a quick walk from the gate cottage. I know it has been a long time coming for these two and I am so excited that their paths crossed and led them to this day! I think deep down, only God knows what we need and the desires of our hearts. “A longing fulfilled is the tree of life” {Proverbs 13:12} And after patiently waiting for this promise, to see it come to full circle in the lives of two deserving people is such an amazing thing to witness. And btw….Jonathan & Tiffany are incredible musicians! So you know it was meant to be, ha. You should hear them play together! Its ridiculous. Tiffany played at our wedding, so it was so cool to be apart of her wedding and bless her back. (keep reading to see her in action!) With the rain ALL week, it was no surprise that it stopped just for this day. Amazing! Take a look at this beautiful wedding.

Tiffany’s son, Levi, was so excited to see his mom! He waited patiently outside the room (for what probably seemed like forever to him) and then had a “first look” at Tiffany all dressed up. He was awestricken! 

If there’s one thing you must know about Jonathan….it’s that his last name is Ray. So of course you will see him sporting Ray-bans more times than not. It’s his signature look. 

You could hear the waterfall in the background as Tiffany walked down the isle. It was so peaceful and tranquil! No need for a song or music, the waterfall was the perfect “background music” for their ceremony. 

The day wouldn’t be complete without a live folk band! They were awesome! Check them out here.

This was one of my favorite parts of the day! Tiffany joined the band (I mean….it had to happen!) She is so talented; Tiffany’s played for Josh Groban, Rod Stewart & Gungor….just to name a few. No biggie! We all watched in amazement. 

Congrats Jonathan & Tiffany! Your wedding was am amazing reflection of God’s love and faithfulness! It was such a joy to be apart of your day! And special thanks to Charlene for shooting with me; you are awesome! 

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