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Lee & Morgan | Wedding In The Woods, Rockmart Georgia

Of all the crazy rainy days we’ve had this summer, Lee & Morgan’s wedding was the light at the end of the rain tunnel here in Georgia. It mysteriously did not rain at their wedding!  *praise hands* Which is no surprise to me since they both deserved the best wedding imaginable. God has a way of lavishing his love on us in just the right way. No rain and all! 

In The Woods was the perfect scenic location for their ceremony. No really…that’s the name of the venue. In The Woods venue in Rockmart Georgia is a hidden gem. Their team along with Lee & Morgan’s wonderful family made their wedding something spectacular. 

You can tell a lot about a couple by their wedding party. Lee & Morgan had the most amazing group of friends and family. They were all so sweet and helpful; just a reflection of Lee & Morgan themselves.

One of my favorite parts of the day! A lot of people vouch that doing a “first look” allows you to take more pictures; which is true! But a little inside tip….it also allows you to spend most of the day together! A few hours extra added to your wedding time together; so worth it!

I love how Morgan incorporated her nephews and nieces into the ceremony!

Love this candid of them checking out their new bling.

A little couples dance to see which couple had been married the longest. I forget how long this couple had been married; but they were so adorable together! 

Seeing Lee & Morgan together made me so happy as a photographer and as a friend. They compliment each other so well and I know their marriage will be one that encourages & uplifts others. Such a beautiful thing to witness. 🙂 

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