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Europe Travels | Pt.3 – Cinque Terre

Our 3rd stop on our Europe adventure was to Cinque Terre! If you are not familiar with that, Cinque Terre is 5 seaside villages along the Italian Riviera. They have the most colorful buildings & houses! Supposedly, fishermen would find their house after a long day of fishing, by looking for their house color. To this day, each building has to remain it’s original color. And since their are no roads connecting each town; no cars! To travel, you ride a train, boat or hike. 

We traveled to Cinque Terre by train and quite possibly the craziest train ride of our lives! It was beautiful but miserably HOT! 2 1/2 hours in a train with no ac and I started to feel like heat stroke was gonna happen. Not good! Quick thinking, we grabbed a shirt out of our bag and drenched it in water and wrapped it around my neck. Thankfully the next train stop happened to have fresh squeezed oj (which is popular in Italy) and it was like the drink of life! Thankfully that was our only travel hiccup and I survived! 

We stayed in the village of Corniglia in a airbnb that was above a restaurant. (see that yellow building below) Coolest place ever! 

Walking down the road and this was the view! Unreal!

So of course we ate dinner at the restaurant below and it was amazing! One of the local specialties is anchovies; which we were brave to try! They were actually not bad. Paired with the best pesto we have ever tasted; Corniglia was amazing. 

We explored the town and grabbed gelato of course! This was my favorite gelato flavor of our whole trip; Nutella. And Rick Steves had a sign here; so you know it was a good place!

Exploring here was the best. “What’s down these sketchy stairs…..oh, a coastal sunset”. Amazing!! 

Fresh Oj here is a thing! And I don’t know why we are not doing this in America, but we are missing out. We had breakfast at a local place and it was great! Lattes are always served in a glass cup vs here we have latte art usually in a white cup. 

Being on the coast, there was the best produce! Lemon trees everywhere & vineyards all along the cliffside.

We hopped on over to a village nearby; Monterosso al Mare. And spent the day at the beach!

The sand had the most beautiful smooth rocks! I may have grabbed a few as a souvioneer. 

Then we hopped on a train to the next village; Vernazza. 

Then back to Corniglia. Since this train only left once an hour….we had time to kill. There were two men playing music at the station and Derek talked me into dancing (which caused more people to dance). Totally out of my comfort zone; but fun!

The next morning we woke up at sunrise to catch our train to Switzerland; which was the best time to get pictures of Corniglia. I couldn’t believe this was our room view. Crazy beautiful!

Cinque Terre had a small town, coastal vibe about it and we loved it! 

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