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Todd & Katy Beth | Ponce City Market & Piedmont Park Engagement Session, Atlanta Ga

    I know when most girls get engaged, one of the first things that they look forward to is their engagement session! Gotta show off that ring-bling and your huge smiles of joy – because you are getting married!! When Katy Beth contacted me, she knew that was one of the most important memories she wanted – an engagement session. Meeting both Katy Beth & Todd, I instantly fell in love with their personalities and knew we were going to have a blast working together. They seriously both remind me of two close friends of mine – it’s kinda cool that their personalities are so much alike. Maybe there’s a science behind that? 

    Since Katy Beth & Todd frequently spend time together at Ponce City Market & Piedmont Park – this set the perfect location for their engagement session. We walked along the beltline and discovered little gems along the way. Atlanta truly is the coolest city!

I couldn’t get over these yellow leaves! So gorgeous – it almost felt surreal how yellow they were! I just wanted to gather them all up and take them home with me (would that be weird?) haha!

It was in the moment that I asked “How do you guys feel about throwing leaves?” and Katy Beth said “That would be the best thing ever!” And I knew that this was the beginning of a great photography relationship, lol But for real. How cute is this??

Then Todd said, “what if we laid in the leaves?” and they seriously rocked my photography world! 

To Ponce City Market we walked and found some hidden gems along the way. I love how we captured the fall leaves and then progressed into a more industrial/modern look. Which is perfect since Todd is studying to be an architect! 

Calling all Tiny Doors Atl. fans! If you are not familiar with this – go check out their website. Cuteness overload!

These photos make me even more excited for Katy Beth & Todd’s wedding! They are such a cool couple – I’m so happy they found each other and are continuing their story together. And I know their wedding will be so fun! Hurry up November!! 

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