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Sam & Katie | Summer Love, Riverside Engagement Session | Atlanta Georgia

Sam & Katie

Summertime is so sweet when you are in love! And these two are so in love with each other! Katie and Sam have been together for 7 years, so it was no suprise when wedding plans can into action. They first met playing ultimate frizbee in college and it’s still something they love to do together. When they connected over flip-phones (while everyone was migrating to iphones) Sam quickly added his number to Katie’s phone and called her the next day. They have been inseparable ever sense!

I actually first met Katie and Sam when my husband and I moved to the river, because Katie’s parents are my next door neighbors! So fun! It has been so exciting to see then get engaged and plan their wedding. Whenever they would pick a date or have new progress on their planning, Katie’s mom will tell me the latest development while we are on our back porches. Just the most southern backporch talk! It has been so fun hearing things like: “Katie found her dress” to things like “we are going to a food tasting tomorrow”. We are all so thrilled for Katie and Sam and their cute dog Stella. Their riverside engagement session was SO them. And towards the end of their session, we adventured to the secret “bamboo forrest” which was worth the hike to find it!

Congratulations Katie and Sam! Your wedding is going to be a blast! Seriously can’t wait!

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