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Nick & Brandy | Intimate Piedmont Park Wedding

Piedmont Park Wedding Ceremony

Nick & Brandy

 I am a huge fan of small and intimate weddings- especially when it’s for friends that you know. I met Nick and Brandy at my neighborhood Thursday night dinner group (which I miss terribly since we moved) so at first when Brandy said that she needed some photos they were looking to do “family photos” on a weekday at Piedmont park. So I haven’t actually been photographing families this year I’ve been focusing more on weddings and newborn sessions- but since this was for friends and I had an opening that day I said you know what – I can do this for you guys and make an exception. Come to find out it wasn’t actually family photos they’re looking for but they are actually planning a small wedding ceremony in the park. So while we kept their wedding plans on the down low, I was so excited because weddings are my thing! 

We all met at Piedmont Park that afternoon and it was the most gorgeous fall Monday. The sunshine was beaming and the leaves on the trees could not have been any more vibrant!  I thought that maybe they had a location in mind for their ceremony but when I got there they said -OK where do you think would be the best?This was the first wedding I’ve ever photographed where I actually got to pick the location where they had their ceremony. How cool! Not to mention, this is probably every photographers dream to pick the best lighting for a wedding ceremony. Win!

After their quick ceremony we went around the park and took a couple of family pictures for them including their sweet daughter Lucy. This is my favorite part of weddings -the photos of just the two of you together! Best wedding ever!! Congratulations Nick and Brandy I’m so excited that you guys are officially official. I know you guys are gonna have amazing future together and I’m so excited for your little family. Congrats!!

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