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Andy & Sara | Cator Woolford Gardens, Atlanta Georgia

Andy & Sara

Cator Woolford Wedding Photography

Sara and Andy recently moved to Georgia, so as they were planning their small wedding ceremony they came across a couple of hurdles in the process of getting married. Who even knew that Georgia has a couple of weird rules about out-of-state weddings. Sara and Andy knew that they wanted to have beautiful photos to remind them of their wedding nuptials. We had looked up a couple of places that were indoors and outdoors and because the weather was looking like it was going to be pretty nasty outside. We decided to just go ahead and plan for their photos to be outside at Cator Woolford Gardens.

Now on a typical photo shoot, if there is rain, I might try to reschedule for a sunny day. But since Sara and Andy had family coming from out of town, it was very important that we take photos with their family here. So of course the day of their ceremony came……..and it rained and rained and rained and then kept raining. We all came prepared with lots of umbrellas and jackets ready to face the rain. And if you look at their photos it is very hard to tell it is raining. Thankfully I had an umbrella with me so my camera was protected. Sara‘s two brothers would tag-team and help me & hold an umbrella for me. I just felt like such a rockstar having these a photo-assistant brothers.

I am so proud of Sara and Andy and not only because they decided to join their lives together but also because it was so freezing and raining but they were such high spirits. The rain can bring out the best/or worst in a person – and this truly showed how much they loved each other and were able to work as a team. Now that is marriage success! 

Congratulations Andy and Sara on your nuptials and thank you so much for entrusting me to photograph this special time of your lives! 

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