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Aubrey & Lynnita | Marietta Square Engagement Session

When I fist started chatting with Lynnita about their wedding plans, she mentioned that they love to laugh together and have a good time. Whether that is just hanging out at come or going out for a date night – these two love to be each others constant companion. This could not have been a better description of their relationship! These two were so joyful at their engagement session and as the camera started clicking, laughter grew! Serious – we did have to stop for a second because Lynnita and I were both practically in tears with how funny Aubrey was! If Aubrey got a grade, he definitely earned an A+ from me! Laughter = best session ever!

I loved getting to finally meet up with these two and capture their relationship – and in just a few short weeks, we will be celebrating their wedding! I know if Aubrey & Lynnita’s friends are anything like them….we are going to have a blast! In fact…I may need to bring tissues (not for crying, but for laughing!) I know these two have so much joy in their hearts for each other and life in general. That will carry them far in their new adventure together! Can’t wait to celebrate with them!

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