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Summer Engagement Session at Piedmont Park | Jeffrey & Kathleen

This Summer Engagement Session at Piedmont Park was so much fun! Piedmont Park could not have been a more perfect location for Kathleen & Jeffrey’s engagement session. Kathleen actually lives really close to Piedmont Park. Which makes it a perfect spot for date nights or if Jeffrey and Kathleen just want to go on a stroll with their dogs.

Their adorable pups, Simon and Boone, of course had to make an appearance for the engagement photos. I’m so glad Kathleen & Jeffrey chose to have them a part of their photos! It makes for such special memories to look back on. One of Kathleen and Jeffrey’s good friends, Mary, came along to help wrangle the pups after their 5 minutes of fame was over. This is so ironic because their friend Mary actually was one of the match makers behind Kathleen and Jeffrey’s relationship. So it was just super fun to have her there helping and hearing some of the stories she had to share about when Kathleen and Jeffrey met. 

We did this shoot later in the evening to capture the beautiful light at sunset that we get to experience here in the Atlanta area- and it was so worth it! Not only was the lighting perfect… but it was a little bit cooler outside. Which no one was upset about. This time of year can get pretty warm. Even for those of us who are used to it. Kathleen has this pure joy about her that radiates in every photo I captured. You can truly see their love for one another even after spending only 5 minutes with them. 

Kathleen & Jeffrey’s wedding day is this coming spring. I know it will be here before we all know it! It will be such a joyful day to be a part of.

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