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Vendor Highlight | Just About Love Wedding Coordination

A Q&A with Wedding Coordinator Pros

When couples first get engaged so many brides hit the ground running with wedding planning. They can easily feel overwhelmed with all the options before they even have a chance to step back and envision what is most important to them. I sat down with my favorite wedding coordinators over at Just About Love Weddings to get their top tips and suggestions for planning your wedding! They are a team of four amazing women who love executing every detail on your wedding day. I’m so excited to share their tips with you!

Q: When a couple first gets engaged, what is one of the first things that they should do?

A: We suggest the first thing that couples should do is pick their venue. A lot of times couples will pick a date, only to have to change that date after finding out their DREAM venue is already booked for that date. Ultimately, the venue that couples choose picks the date for them.

Q: What is the worst thing a bride could do when starting to plan her wedding?

A: One of the worst things a Bride can do is get too much advice from friends and family members. Lets face it, everyone has an opinion and a style or a favorite flavor of cake. But at the end of the day, no one’s opinion matters but the Bride and Grooms. If you’re truly conflicted, reach out to a trusted friend or family member to help you- but try not to consider everyone’s opinions on everything.

Q: What wedding trends do you hope to see more of in 2023?

A: Oh this is a fun one! Some of the Wedding tends I hope we see more of this year are; Desert spreads vs traditional cakes, Disco balls, Colorful bouquets, Audio phone guest book.

We love seeing all of the unique touches couples add to their wedding day.

Q: Any trends you hope to see less of? Anything overdone?

A: Wedding party introductions & Sparklers are both trends that have been overdone the past few years. We encourage our Brides to get creative and be unique!

Q: What are some key things you do for each wedding that you coordinate?

A: We know how important good communication is so we do monthly check-in’s with our Brides to ensure there is no detail forgotten about! This helps reduce stress for everyone on the wedding day! We pick up all wedding items BEFORE the wedding and handle set up of décor, favors, table settings, etc. We also provide 2 coordinators for every wedding  no matter the location or size.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding coordinators for your Wedding, I absolutely recommend Lauren and her team at Just About Love Weddings. Check out their Instagram

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