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8 Things to do with your pictures AFTER a photo shoot | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

You spend months researching photographers, planning outfits and making sure everything is perfect for your photo shoot or wedding day. After the photo shoot day has come and gone, what do you do next? So many people do nothing with their photos and as a photographer that makes me so sad! I want you to enjoy your photos in every way possible. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 8 things to do with your pictures AFTER your photo shoot. 

1. Download your pictures AFTER your photo shoot

Almost all photographers will keep your images for a few years, but you can never be too safe. As soon as you receive your gallery from your photographer my number one recommendation is to download your photos to your computer. If you don’t have enough storage on your computer you could always purchase an external harddrive like this one from Amazon to store your photos.

2. Backup your photos online

Technology is great when it works, right? This is why I would also suggest backing up your photos after your photo shoot. You can back up your photos using Google Photos or The Cloud. Never hurts to have them saved in more than one way!

3. Print your photos

You’re probably thinking, well yeah why wouldn’t I? But I can’t tell you how many clients I talk with months or even years after they have had photos taken and they still haven’t printed any photos. Photos aren’t meant to live on your computer; print them and enjoy them. My favorite place to have photos printed is Mpix. They always have comparable prices and shipping is so speedy! They are one of the few photo labs who don’t automatically add a filter or increase the contrast of your photos. For larger prints, be sure to print directly through your photographer. This will give you the best results! In fact, my clients can purchase professional quality prints directly from their online gallery. Making it super simple to get those pictures off your computer and into your home!

4. Thank you cards

This is such a fun way to share your images with more people! You could create thank you cards after a wedding or baby shower.  Postcards are another fun way to share your photos without having to do any writing! 

5. Photo gifts

One of my favorite ways I’ve seen families or couples utilize their photos is to give them as gifts. You could print a family photo and have it framed for your parents or grandparents.

6. Holiday cards

Personally this is one of my favorite things to do with my photos that my family and I have taken. I love sending Holiday cards to all my friends and family with photos from the past year. You could send them for any Holiday- who doesn’t love getting a Valentine as an adult? I know I would sure love one (hint hint if you’re my client). A few fun places to have cards printed are Mpix and Minted.

7. Photo Album

Not everything has to be only online. There is just something about having a physical copy of your photo galleries to physically look through. Maybe it’s nostalgia for me. A lot of the online services you see to print photo galleries will honestly do your album a disservice and are more geared towards phone pictures, not professional photos. My suggestion would be to ask your photographer if this is a service they can provide for you. I personally love being able to put together and create a photo album for my clients to enjoy forever. I know my parents still have their wedding album and I think that is just so sweet!

8. Share your photos online

Share, share, share! As photographers we LOVE to see your sharing your photos with the online world. We love to see images that we captured being enjoyed as thoroughly as possible. Don’t forget to tag us, we want to give your photos some love too! 

I hope all of this helps you get the absolute most joy out of your photos as you can! Is there another way that you love to use your photos after a photoshoot? Drop it in the comments below, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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