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Europe Travels | Pt.5 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

It is so bittersweet to put this blog post together! If you’ve been following our Europe trip, this is the last place we visited. Hello Lauterbrunnen! 

Such a quaint and cute town! After traveling like crazy people, it was nice to unwind and chill in this little town for a few days. It really did remind me a the movie “Up” with their Staubbach Falls and little church. We loved visiting here!

We passed by St. Niklaus while on the train. Not shabby Santa! And one of the first things we discovered here was a great coffee shop. All the coffee please!

Franks for days! Well…..probably opposite of that. If you’ve been to Switzerland you will see that everything is pricy. Thankfully the views make up for it 😉

We stayed here at Hotel Schutzen; complete with a real key for our room. If you guys saw my instagram videos, our room had the smallest tv that only played swiss german (think polka music). It was an experience! haha! 

One of the first things we did was hit up the grocery store and bought a picnic dinner of bread & cheese and fruit. And of course chocolate!

It was pretty rainy on our first day here, but we still wanted to explore. So we were just goiong to go walk for a little bit…..and before yo know it we are hiking up a mountainside under a waterfall. So sketchy and so fun! When we saw these hiking sticks we thought “do we really need these?”…the answer to that is YES!

One of my favorite things in Switzerland were the natural spring water fountains. You could fill up your water bottle anytime!

Such a pretty cemetery! The flowers were gorgeous and each headstone was personalized. It was eerily beautiful. 

So many snails! And they were all different colors. The restaurant we ate at had escargot on the menu and I couldn’t help but wonder….eew!

Each hotel had it’s own restaurant….which gave you about 5 options for dinner. Thankfully we made it just in time to make a reservation at the #1 rated restaurant in town; Hotel Oberland. We did have some time to spare before our reservation, so we explored the town and found the best view of the little church. Even in person it looked fake! I couldn’t believe that we were actually looking at this in real life. 

Dinner! Thankfully everyone else was dressed in “outdoor sporty attire” which seemed to be the norm in this town. Thank goodness or else we would be freezing in our summery Italy clothes. 

Switzerland food consist of mainly cheese, potatoes, meat and chocolate. We were not mad about it one bit. We both tried “Rosti” which made us laugh because it reminded us of waffle houses “scattered, smothered, & covered” hash browns. Our bellies were happy!

After dinner we discovered an alp horn….concert? Super interesting! This man said that this horn can cost up to $10,000. WOW!

One last coffee before we headed to the train station. Oh, you can also book a base-jumping or bungee jumping adventure here as well. Maybe next time! 😉

Each train station was so different. This one was probably my favorite because it felt like a Christmas village. I’m so glad we bought train passes! In total, we rode probably 16 trains. It was a little confusing to figure out at first, but by the end….we were pros! I really loveed Europe’s travel system. We could definitely use something like this in America.

Our favorite chips (we still are not sure what flavor they are) but we had them several times! And in the photo on the right, you can see para-gliders from the train window! 

We had some time to kill before our next train (it takes about 4 trains to get from Switzerland to Venice). So we stopped for lunch in Spiez Switzerland and took in the castle views.

Then back to Venice where we caught our flight back to Atlanta! 

This has to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life! To see just a small glimpse of the world makes me stand in awe of our Creator. The world is an amazing place!! When Derek and I were first dating, he asked me if I liked to travel….and honestly, I’d just never had the opportunity to. I’m so glad that God gave me an adventurous husband to travel with; it makes it an even sweeter experience! Now that I have caught the travel bug….we are deciding where our next adventure should be! Maybe Japan (Dereks pick) or somewhere tropical (my pick). Wherever we go, I can’t wait! 

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