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Marmaros Productions

Atlanta Wedding Planning

One of my favorite things about the Atlanta wedding industry, is getting the chance to meet amazing business owners! These two ladies with Marmaros Productions are incredibly sweet and professional. And I love the meaning behind their business name as they have it listed on their website.

“Marmaros, the Greek origin for word marble, is made up of two different colors that individually are beautiful. However, when the colors are mixed together, like in a marble, they create something extraordinary.”

So how PERFECT was it that we took a few photos for them that included marble. Amazing!

     Megan & Mallory met at Kennesaw State University while pursing their Bachelor of Arts degrees. Both took coursework in Event Planning and Management where they earned certifications in the field.  While pursing her studies, Megan also took Wedding Planning classes, was the event planner for a campus organization, as well as the stage manager for the KSU Dance Department. During her time at KSU, Mallory served as the Vice President of Administration of her sorority, managed multiple social media accounts, and worked various events in the Atlanta Area. Together, the two intend to pursue their passions by making any special day a timeless event to remember.

     As a photographer, I always love recommending vendors to my clients and I highly recommend these ladies for any planning event. They both are so sweet and i know they give their 110% best to each event they coordinate. And can I just say….having them at your wedding makes my job as a photographer so much easier! They truly make everything rum smoothly and so magical with their professional attention to detail and newest trends. 

You can contact them here. Do it, pretty please! You won’t regret it.

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