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Dereck & Ginger | Catalpa Plantation Engagement Session

Dereck & Ginger

The best stories always start with, “remember that one time…”

I will always remember starting my first photography job after college as a newborn photographer at a hospital. That is where I met Ginger (who is also a photographer) and we both were fresh out of college and so new to the photography world of newborns. We can for sure tell you plenty of crazy hospital stories that start with “remember that one time”. If you ever feel like you don’t have your life together…..come see one of us and we can reassure you with some crazy stories of the things we have encountered together. (Seriously, there could be a book written with all of the WEIRD and TMI birth and baby things we have seen).

During our time of working together, I got to know Ginger and see her transition her life to something so beautiful. It’s so amazing how life can change in such a blink of an eye. Before we know it…..Ginger met Dereck and we just all knew – this one is a keeper! I could not be more thrilled for her and I love seeing them laugh and be silly together. Don’t we all just want our close friends to find someone that makes them happy? So when this happens….it’s like your own heart celebrates along with them and you feel like your dreams are coming true. (Ginger….you are making everyone’s dreams come true and hearts melt) 

I seriously loved getting to photograph them at their friends plantation house down in Newnan, Georgia. Could not have been a more perfect place for them! And I can’t get over this beautiful sunset in this field – especially with all of this rain, it was perfect timing! 

Congratulations to Dereck and Ginger! I’m just gonna keep celebrating all the way until your wedding in October – that is how excited I am for you both! Can’t wait!!

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