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Behind The Scenes of 2018 | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Audrey Grace Photo

Where did 2018 go? I remember filling up my calendar with bookings for this last year and anticipating what would come from it. (If you guys watched my insta-stories, you saw me make a little celebratory video each time someone booked. And man, that was fun!) And then before you know it….it’s done! Goodbye 2018!

If I could have imagined how each wedding and photoshoot would have turned out….this year has been even better than I imagined! 52 galleries delivered – and I am so very thankful for each and every person who came across my camera. From my wedding clients, to my friends and family – you guys are truly amazing! Running a business is seriously tough – and I could not have done it without my support system.

I felt like my word for this last year was “Running”. Which is hilarious if you know me because I loath running – like really hate it. But I feel like God was passing me a baton and saying “run girl!!” So that is exactly what this year has felt like! Like running into the call God has for me and my photography business. When you have the right tools and training in your hands, it makes it even faster to finish what is ahead of you. It can take several years to get to this place – and patience is everything! Nothing happens overnight. But once you get to a place where you are ready for your race….it is so fulfilling!

I run in the path of your commands, for you have broadened my understanding.” Psalm 119:32

Thank you to each and every couple that entrusted me with their wedding! This year has been one i’ll never forget and wow, it has been so much fun!! Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from this last year taken by my second shooters. *Basically a lot of photos of the back of my head and me taking pictures while standing on chairs*

Is it really an “audreygracephoto” dress picture if I don’t stand on a chair to get the shot?

I’ll also say….i’ve had so many people reach out to me about how I do my hair braid! I guess it was my signature look last year for weddings, ahaha! Here is the tutorial if you want to learn!

Ok, so there is a good explanation for the next photos! One photo tip – in the summer, sweat is inevitable in Georgia. So I always bring oil blotting papers. Here are some hilarious photos of me showing Kayla & Cody how to use them. Ya’ll, they were photo ready after this!

Oftentimes, my second shooter and I will test out a locations with each other before bringing the couple there. This couch area was so cute, but the lighting was pretty “glarey” – so we skipped it. But here is my test shot!

You’d be surprised by the places I take ring shots! Loved the paper Christina had leftover from her invitations, so I used that!

Here is another before/after. We used Wade & Sydney’s invitation to reflect light on to her ring (in the left photo) to get a beautiful ring shot in the right photo.

I SO badly wanted to include these ducks into a shot for Ginger & Dereck’s wedding…but the ducks were very apprehensive of me. I think they were mad that we were in their territory.

You never know what might happen during a wedding! For Hannah & Phil’s ceremony, the parent bouquets were misplaced and not at the ceremony site. So when the time came for them thank & recognize their parents by giving them flowers…..there were no flowers to be found! Woops!! The planner was out of sight….so I ran inside and grabbed 2 flowers off the reception tables and walked down the aisle and gave them to the bride & groom. Photographer to the rescue!

In the photo below, I am using my had the block my camera from the sun. Hey ohh!

I am also a HUGE believer that you do not have to touch or move a person in order to pose them (thanks to the teachings of photographer Sue Bryce) . It is a huge pet peeve of mine when people physically move or touch people in order to pose them. Thus…I do a lot of pointing and hand motions. “Hey you…stand here”

I spy….

I’m always checking little details and adjusting veils and where people are standing. I think one of the top elements to being a great photographer is to pay attention to the details. Now of course, you can’t micro-manage a photograph, haha. But the little adjustments of “let’s put your veil this way” or “let’s close in the gap between these two people” or you might hear me say “that looked amazing, but let’s do it again but this time everyone give me their real smile”. These little changes can make a huge different in your photos and experience!

This next year I am walking into new ideas and goals! I recently heard Anne Leibovitz say “Looking back on your work will give you insight on how to move forward” Looking back on this last year has encouraged me and given me new ideas I will take into the new year.

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