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Picnic Proposal | Freedom Park Atlanta, Georgia

Every once in a while i’ll receive an inquiry to photograph a proposal and I love when these pop into my inbox. Blake had been planning out his proposal to Fernanda for quite some time and he was so excited to finally pull the trigger! Guys- take notes here. Blake had everything planned down to a T. He arranged the cutest picnic set with Gather Picnic Co.  So when it came down to the big day, he told Fernanda that he had a birthday surprise for her (which is partly true because it was recently her birthday). I waited patiently behind a tree that was just steps away from their picnic; talk about feeling like a stalker! Once Blake gave me the green light- he went for it and proposed! Of course she said yes!! So happy to have been able to capture the start of Blake & Fernanda’s new adventure together towards marriage. They were just the sweetest and I am so happy for them!

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