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Unique Engagement Session Locations in Atlanta | My top 5 favorites!

You are engaged and the next thing on your to-do list – document it! I love that most of my couples choose to take engagement pictures before their big day. It really lets you “practice” being in front of the camera and gives you some extra cute memories of your engagement season. If you think about it, most engagements are anywhere between a few months to 1 year (and that time goes by so quickly!) While being an Atlanta photographer for over a decade, I am constantly on the search for the best hidden gems when it comes to photo locations. You don’t want a location that is overused or just kinda blah. You want the best backdrop to compliment your relationship and taste. So today I’m sharing my top 5 unique and creative engagement session locations!

  1. Westside Provisions

Westside provisions is the perfect spot if you love the city and are looking for a more modern & urban feel. And it is especially sweet because Jenis Icecream is right there and will make your sweet-tooth dreams come true! The best time for this location is the morning – trust me! Less people and you will have pretty light= win, win!

2. Fernbank 

Ok, if you love museums, dinosaurs and modern architecture – Fernbank is the location for you! You are welcome to take pictures as long as you pay admission; which I feel is completely worth it! This is also a great indoor location in case of inclement weather (or just to escape the Ga heat).

3. Arabia Mountain

Ok, if mountains and nature are more your thing- you will absolutely love Arabia Mountain. Located near Stone Mountain, this “mini mountain” is just a short hike with amazing scenery. If you happen upon this location at just the right lime, you might even see some wildflowers!

4.Chattahoochee Coffee Company, Riverside

This location truly is a little hidden gem! I used to live right here and loved shooting here all the time (I still do!) Located right off 285 and hidden among an apartment complex, this riverside location is literally the best kept secret of Atlanta (shhh, I didn’t tell you that). To gain access to these beautiful riverside gardens, be sure to only come on a weekday and visit the coffeeshop (support their small business because they are amazing).

5. Marietta Square

If you love quaint small towns, you will love Marietta Square! It always reminds me of my favorite show “Gilmore Girls”. One of my favorite things about this location is the good variety of backdrops and scenery. Such a cute location for that small town vibe!


These are just a few of my top favorite locations to take engagement pictures in Atlanta. With any location, you want it to be the best fit for your story! So along your photography journey, I love guiding my couples to pick out the best location that suites them; especially since you may not have visited these places before or know what to expect. I am here to help! All of my engagement session clients receive my online guide that lists out more of my favorite locations in the Atlanta area – helping you pick the best place for you! If you are interested in hearing more about this – feel free to reach out, I’d love to hear from you!

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